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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Russian Language Courses

Russia — A Land of Superlatives

'Language and culture are two of the unique characteristics that set nations apart and create that international diversity which peoples everywhere are keen to preserve'.

-Mission Statement
Language Link

If, indeed, a Mission Statement has a purpose, then it should be that of acting as a guide for those who have chosen to create it. That being the case, then it would be inconceivable of Language Link to come to Russia, 'set up shop' and not give some consideration to the country and culture of which they are now a part. Indeed, size alone dictates that this must be so, for Russia is 'the largest country on Earth'. And though, the total population of Russia is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150 million people, the number of people speaking Russian is more than double this, making Russian the fifth most spoken language on the planet. Likewise, Russia is arguably the richest country on Earth with enormous amounts of both tapped and untapped natural resources. If, however, size and wealth were the only reasons that could be proffered for invoking someone to learn Russian, then such reasoning itself would border on the impoverished. Russia is certainly rich, but much of its wealth is found in its culture and traditions. It is for this reason, that the Russian language plays such an important part on the global stage, and though a knowledge of Russian could never hurt someone's business interests, oh, how much nicer it would be just to walk across Red Square, look out upon St. Basil's and quietly remark 'ochen krasivo' (very beautiful).

Language Link, since 1994, has been a part of this amazing country, and we have never faltered in our admiration for this country and its people. They have suffered through difficult times, and yet they have preserved a quiet dignity. For Language Link, it is not enough just to teach English and share the cultural baggage which this endeavour carries, we also wish to provide a window to the East for those living on the outside.

We tell our Russian students, 'He who only speaks one language, sees the world with only one eye'. At Language Link, we know this to be true. We, likewise, know that it works both ways. So if learning Russian in the largest country on Earth appeals to you, then take a moment to browse our course offerings.

For more information about location, facilities, accommodation, social programmes and visa support, please visit our sister site at www.russian.language.ru or contact us.

A land of superlatives awaits you

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