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Welcome to the TEFL Clinic. The TEFL Clinic takes up where the TEFL Primer left off. If you have moved beyond the stage of simply having a passing interest in the field of TEFL or are already a practicing EFL teacher then this section is for you. In preparing this section, we have tried to include both the theoretical (found under Teaching Knowledge) and the practical (found under Practical Teaching). Before reviewing the material contained in this section, however, the reader should keep a few points in mind.

First, teaching English as a foreign (or second) language is not something that can be learned from a website. There is no substitution for either (or both) training and experience, and though this section goes a long way to identifying and explaining some of the finer points of teaching English as a foreign language, it cannot be considered a training course in itself.

Second, and as alluded to above, though this section contains a lot of practical advice, ideas for teaching and activities to be tried out, it should not be assumed that these ideas and activities will work for everybody. Though they are good ideas and under normal circumstances should work, a lot also depends upon the teacher and his or her teaching style as well as the class being taught. As will become clear, not all classes will respond the same to any given activity. In fact, certain activities may be entirely inappropriate for certain classes. Though ‘fun and games’ in the classroom is a TEFL hallmark and can have as much to do with learning as the actual content of the game itself, some classes will consider such activities as little more than antics lacking any semblance of serious teaching. To each his/her own.

Third and lastly, this section of our site is being put together at this time. Therefore some pages may be ‘under construction’. The fact that a parent page is under construction does not necessarily mean that the daughter pages are likewise under construction. Some sections are being built from the top down and others from the bottom up. Go figure!

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