Language Link Cherkessk

About the school

Language Link Cherkessk is a language school situated in a small town in Karachay-Cherkess republic. During 7 years our school has taught English, French, German, Chinese and even Arabic languages to students all over the region. Not only do we work with young learners and provide entertaining and productive lessons, but also we work with pre-teens, teenagers and adult students. Our highly qualified teachers create engaging and motivating atmosphere and open a world of possibilities for the students.

At our language school we offer general and business English, corporate training, we prepare students of different ages and levels for international exams such as Cambridge exams, TOEFL, IELTS. We don not simply teach English — we organise speaking clubs for teenagers and adults, summer camps and even special grammar clubs.

To make teaching English more effective every year we invite foreign teachers from various countries: Great Britain, the USA, Lybia, Brazil. At Language Link Cherkessk we offer teaching jobs at our year-round schools and provide opportunities for career progression and continuous personal development. 

Our foreign teacher Lieege (Brazil) tells about working for our company

"As soon as I started working here, I realized that Language Link students are passionate about English; this is something that makes me happy and proud. Russian students are very communicative, polite and always willing to show their appreciation for foreigner teachers. Language Link Cherkessk has a great staff that is available to give support to those who need it most, the director, coordinators and teachers are extremely friendly, patient and always care about our well being in and outside the classrooms. Language Link provides a great working environment for everyone thus encouraging foreign teachers to have a greater interest in their work and Russian culture."

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