Volunteer programme

Language Link's Volunteer Programme is the ideal way to acquire valuable international work-experience and get a taste of life in Russia. Our International Language Centres in Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd and Samara have a limited number of vacancies each semester for volunteers in the fields of Education, Project Management, Administration, Translation and IT. The programme is extremely flexible - entry is possible all year round, and you can determine how many hours per week you wish to commit for, and how long you want to stay (breaks for independent travel are easily arranged). Depending on your interests, talents and experience, you may volunteer as a teaching assistant, student activities organiser, translator, educational consultant, administrator, webmaster, html programmer or project manager (you may also combine two or three of these roles). The wide variety of programme options means that whatever your motivation and interests, there is sure to be something that suits your requirements.

The Volunteer Programme includes home-stay accommodation, plus visa support and registration, so the usually daunting task of travel to this fascinating but oftentimes bureaucratic country is greatly simplified. We will advise and support you as you adapt to the unique Russian culture, and in addition to initial orientation, you will have the chance to attend free Russian language lessons during your stay.

Entry Requirements


Your participation depends on Language Link's ability to issue you with a visa invitation. We are able to offer visa support to citizens of the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most Western European countries. If your nationality doesn't figure in this short list, you may still be eligible for the shorter programmes (6 or 12 weeks). For more precise information, contact us (please indicate Volunteer in the subject title).


Applicants for the Teaching Assistant and Translator/Editor positions must be native speakers of English, French or German. All volunteers must have a good command of English. A basic ability to communicate in Russian is preferable (although not essential) for all positions except Teaching Assistant and for the Translator/Editor and IT roles a minimum of intermediate Russian is required.


The programme is open to anyone who has successfully completed their high school education, although graduates or undergraduates (any major) are preferred. Applicants for the IT positions must have experience or qualifications in their area of specialisation.


When recruiting volunteers, Language Link looks for confidence, enthusiasm and a committed attitude to work. Applicants should be highly motivated, with the ability to adapt to different cultures and to take the initiative whether working individually or in a team. In most cases, a strong desire to help young learners and adults reach their educational goals is essential.


The Language Link Volunteer Programme is open to the young and the young at heart. Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the programme.

Financial independence

Applicants must be able to support themselves financially throughout their stay in Russia. Applicants for the longer programmes (24 and 36 weeks) may be eligible for a housing stipend; however, this should not be a primary consideration when applying.

If you fit the above profile and are intrigued by the idea of volunteering in Russia, then browse the Programme Overview page to see which programme options best match your talents and interests. For further information you may also contact us (please indicate Volunteer in the subject title).


Programme fees for 2019-2020 are given in the table below in US Dollars.

Prices vary according to programme duration and type of accommodation. It is possible to pay in instalments for 24- and 36-week programmes.


Programme Duration* Cost Shared Flat Cost Homestay (B&B) Cost Homestay (HB) Cost w/out acc.
6 weeks 1225 USD* 1200 USD 1500 USD 700 USD
12 weeks 1875 USD* 1850 USD 2300 USD 750 USD
16 weeks 2300 USD* 2275 USD 3000 USD 800 USD
24 weeks 3100 USD* 3275 USD 4200 USD 900 USD
36 weeks 4375 USD* 4300 USD 6000 USD 1100 USD

* Other programme durations between 6 and 36 weeks are also possible. Contact us for more details (indicating Volunteer in the subject title).


Programme Duration* Cost Single Flat Cost Homestay (B&B) Cost Homestay (HB) Cost w/out acc.
6 weeks 565 EUR 703 EUR 961 EUR 265 EUR
12 weeks 1130 EUR 1196 EUR 1712 EUR 320 EUR
24 weeks 2260 EUR 2192 EUR 3224 EUR 440 EUR
36 weeks 3390 EUR 3168 EUR 4716 EUR 540 EUR
All prices include:
  • Visa support: Visa support Language Link provides the documentation necessary to obtain a Russian visa for your stay (i.e. official Letter of Invitation and Letter of Support), and takes responsibility for registering you with the authorities as required by Russian law.
  • Accommodation: Language Link provides your choice of housing as part of the programme: choose from family home-stay (B&B or half board), shared apartment or choose to opt-out of Language Link accommodation.
  • Return airport transfer: Language Link will meet you on your arrival and take you to your accommodation. We will also arrange your transport to the airport at the end of your stay.
  • Orientation materials
  • Administrative fees

Costs NOT included in the programme fee: Travel to and from Russia; visa processing costs at Russian embassies outside Russia, living expenses in Russia; health and travel insurance (please note that Language Link cannot be held liable for any illnesses contracted by Volunteers residing in Russia, and purchasing comprehensive health & travel insurance before arrival is strongly recommended).

Stipends and Benefits

Orientation is provided upon arrival in Russia, and all volunteers may attend up to 4 academic hours of free Russian language lessons per week during their stay (on the condition that a space is available in a class of the appropriate level).

Volunteers participating in programmes of 24 weeks or longer are eligible to apply for a monthly housing stipend from Language Link, which covers the cost of accommodation in one of the school's shared apartments. Provided the volunteer is deemed eligible and a space is available in one of Language Link's apartments, the stipend commences from the 13th week of the programme. To qualify, the volunteer must have:

  • successfully completed 12 weeks of the programme
  • worked a minimum of 30 hours per week and
  • completed the assignments set by his/her supervisors to a high standard

If you would like to participate in Language Link's Volunteer Programme, please apply online. For more information, please write to us (indicating Volunteer in the subject title).


  • Am I eligible to apply for the Volunteer Programme?

    Language Link is happy to accept applications from all enthusiastic and energetic volunteers between the ages of 18 and 80. However, your participation depends on Language Link's ability to issue you with a visa invitation. We are able to offer visa support to citizens of the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most Western European countries. If your nationality doesn't figure in this short list, you may not be eligible, or be eligible only for the shorter programmes (6 - 12 weeks). If you're asking "Why is this so?" the answer is that companies with permission to invite and employ foreigners are usually limited to a given number of countries from which they may do so.

    To volunteer as an EFL teaching assistant, you must be British, American, Irish, Canadian, Australian or a New Zealander. Native speakers of French, German or Italian from Western European countries can apply to be a teaching assistant for their own language.

    Volunteers for the IT specialist and Translator/Proof-reader positions must give evidence that they have the skills necessary to work in those fields.

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Constantine Apostolopolous
Constantine ApostolopolousCanada
I would like to say thanks to Language Link for my short stay in Moscow. It was a wonderful experience. Language Link was very helpful and flexible in accommodating me, and I'm thankful for that. My stay in Moscow was unique and eye-opening: my homestay was excellent, the hosts friendly, helpful and very generous. They went of out their way to take care of me. The Language Link support system is unparalleled; I really appreciated the support
Sara Huxley
Sara HuxleyEngland
A most interesting visit to Russia. Language Link have been a fantastic company to work for, enabling me to learn Russian, learn how to teach English, and letting me have lots of fun at the same time. I received very good training as a teaching assistant, and training for the camp was even better. I was thoroughly prepared, and thus I had a great time here. Thanks to the staff for all their hard work, and to Liudmila and Marina for making learnin
Claire Jewkes
Claire JewkesEngland
I had a lot of support from the translation departments at both LL and RBC (Ros Business Consulating, a LL partner). It was interesting to see the tasks translators are asked to complete, questions that come up, and the time restraints involved. I thought all the staff were helpful, welcoming and friendly, and it was a pleasure to work with them. It was extremely good to have lessons in the Russian department as part of the programme: the
Volunteering at LL matched my expectations and more - it could have been a disaster as I had very particular interests and requirements for a short stay, but it was exactly what I needed. The staff in RFL are such lovely people; Masha went out of her way to give me interesting jobs, and there was a great atmosphere in the office. I also learnt a lot in my Russian lessons. The work in the translation department was interesting, and the administrat
Caleb Waugh
Caleb WaughUSA
I can only say good things about my incredible experience; I fell in love with Moscow and my time at Language Link was wonderful, the staff, the students and the work. The home stay worked out brilliantly, it was a great insight into Russian life and I got on very well with the family. The relaxed and friendly working atmosphere in the office motivated me to do a good job. Working in the classroom was an incredible experience, the students were c