Language Link Electrostal

About the city

Electrostal (Russian – Электросталь) is a small cosy town with a population of approximately 160,000 people. It is located 40km east of Moscow, though linked by a suburban electric train to Moscow’s Kurskiy Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour 20 minutes. Long distance buses connect Electrostal with Moscow, Noginsk, and other nearby cities. If you ask a person in the street how they know about the town, the majority will answer that Electrostal is known for its industry as there are four factories within its boundaries. The factories play a significant role in developing space and military fields of Russian industry. Situated outside Moscow's city limits, the town provides an opportunity for most citizens to work and and enjoy living here.

About the school

Our school is situated on the ground floor of a recently constructed building in an absolutely new district where constructions are modern and have a convenient transport connection. At present, Language Link operates one school which is home to four colourful and spacious classrooms, whiteboards, and a teachers’ room. The atmosphere is friendly, the personnel are helpful, and the location is convenient. So you are welcome to work with us!

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