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Skhodnya (Russian Сходня) was founded in 1874 and granted town status in 1961 and is located on the Skhodnya river 12km northwest of Moscow. It was established around a railroad station with the same name which had existed since 1850 on the Moscow-St. Petersburg railway.

About the school

Our center employs highly professional and experienced teachers from Russia and the USA, using the latest teaching aids from leading British publishers (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, MacMillan, etc.), the teaching material of which is developed on the basis of a communicative technique that allows you to effectively master foreign in the shortest possible time.

Our teachers create a natural atmosphere of communication in English. All exercises are based on real life situations, which makes the learning process interesting and entertaining. The interaction of teachers with specialists of the Language Link methodology department, participation in trainings and seminars allows you to keep the quality of training at the training center at its best.

Language Link has special programs for students of any age and any level of foreign language skills, from Beginner to Advanced.

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