Language Link Kids Moscow

About the school

Based on the current changing demographic situation in Moscow, there are an ever increasing number of young learners. Born into middle class families, these children are being placed at earlier and earlier ages into early learning centres for the express purpose of helping them to develop foreign language skills, in particular English. Because of this trend, Language Link has opened the first of what it hopes will be many centres dedicated solely to the teaching of English to young learners.

Created as a concept school and named Language Link Kids, the centre has been designed to incorporate both an activity centre for very young learners (3-4 and 5-6) and a language school for young learners (7-8, 9-10 and 11-12). The centre, located in the Sokol district of Moscow, has three fully-equipped classrooms, each with white board, computer and fully interactive large screen television. As importantly, the centre has been stocked with all the necessary materials allowing teachers to create good, solid resourceful lessons. Facilities for printing and photocopying are also available. Children will find Language Link Kids to be both child-friendly and a most enjoyable milieu in which to learn.

Within the first year of this centre's existence, we very quickly saw that the centre attracted not only kids, but teenagers and adults too.  Therefore, although the centre is primarily a centre for the young (ages 3-12), programmes for older learners are also now available including preparation for international exams.  In addition, a second centre has opened in a neighbouring building which focuses on teen and adult courses.  Teachers may be required to work in both centres.

About teachers

To assist teachers, the language programmes have been developed by Language Link’s Academic Department, based in the Moscow Central School. Our methodologists are available to provide any needed academic support that the teachers assigned to this centre may have need of. As with all other Language Link centres, children are taught using the Communicative Approach to language learning in which we incorporate methods such as Total Physical Response (TPR), which has been shown to be most effective in enhancing children's language development.

EFL teachers with specific interests in developing their skills in teaching English to young learners (TEYL) are highly encouraged to apply for positions teaching in Language Link Kids. Not surprisingly, teachers wishing to work here should be creative, active, flexible and enjoy working with young people. If this describes you and you would like to join the academic team assigned to Language Link Kids, then indicate this as your first place preference on the online application form. It is imperative that applicants have experience in working with children in some capacity, as well as prior experience in teaching a foreign language.  We look forward to welcoming you to Language Link Kids!

N.B. Please be sure to place 'Kids Moscow' in the space allotted for 'Preferred Posting (first choice)'.