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About the city

Shakhty (Russian: Ша́хты) is a city located in Rostov Oblast (region), Russia. The city is located 75 km northeast of Rostov-on-Don on the south-eastern spur of the Donetsk mountain ridge. Shakhty is a rather odd place. It combines in itself a number of opposing expectations - you can witness modern trading centres with ugly old buildings serving as a backdrop; the market that pre-dates the fall of Soviet rule surrounded by the European-styled shops; the exceptional blend of old traditions and progressive outlook of its people. Periods of history clash in an unusual mix of socialist ideologies, modern attitudes and contemporary lifestyle. However, the contradictions don't end there, and that's what makes this town so special to the hearts and minds of the locals.

About the school

The school is located in the very center of the city.
Well-equipped classrooms, a flexible class schedule and modern teaching methods will allow you to learn a foreign language as efficiently as possible. The training center employs professional teachers with extensive teaching experience, higher pedagogical education and who have undergone special methodological training at the CELTA center, as well as native speakers from the UK, USA and Canada.

Recruitment into the group of foreign languages ​​goes all year round at a convenient time for you. In the Language Link language center, various programs for studying English and other languages ​​are adapted by age and level of language proficiency.

Shakhty is different because of its location, history and people. There isn't another town like that but to breathe its spirit you need to live it up. Experience something new; experience a different kind of life. Shakhty welcomes you, and so do we!

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