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About the school

The school in Pushkin has recently been redecorated and is located close to public transport to the city and also to the centre of Pushkin. It is also very near the palaces, which are the heart of this beautiful town. The commute to/from the city centre takes a little over an hour and is very pleasant. 

Every single teacher who has worked in Pushkin has only positive things to say about it. The students are really friendly, the Russian staff are amazing and will very quickly become your loved ones, the atmosphere here is much more relaxed than the hustle and bustle of the city, and it’s generally a fun place to work. 

There is a photocopier, and the CD players are fairly new. All the classrooms have a white board and teachers can feel free to display students’ work and/or posters on the walls in their classroom. There are some resources here but you may wish to occasionally visit Central School to make some copies from different books. 

Fortnightly pay days and monthly training sessions at Central School offer a good opportunity to take advantage of resources there. The DOS often visits Pushkin and is in regular contact with the teachers there too.

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