The Language Link Certificate in Business English Language Teaching (CeBELT)

The CeBELT is a 30-hour course and is usually taught over 5 days. It is intended primarily for practicing teachers who wish to move into teaching business English. Every session contains practical advice and an opportunity to practice the techniques and skills learnt. Successful participants receive the Language Link Certificate in Business English Language Teaching.

During the course participants will:

  • look at the needs and motivation of the business English learner and the implications for teaching.
  • look at the reasons for carrying out needs analyses and how best to conduct them.
  • what ‘business vocabulary’ comprises of, and look at ways of presenting it in the classroom.
  • receive an overview of case studies, and how to use and adapt them.
  • analyse the one-to-one teaching situation and study a range of effective
  • analyse the problems of using English on the telephone and consider a range of activities which can help.
  • be given an understanding of what is involved in making an effective presentation and are given pointers as to how the teacher can help their students to develop good presentation skills in English.
  • look at what is involved in effective negotiation and reflect on how teachers can help their students to develop their negotiation skills in English.
  • be shown the need for social English in business and look at ways of teaching this.
  • look at the language of meetings and how different types of meetings are best conducted.
  • learn about the various types of business writing and how best to help their students to develop good business-writing skills.
  • broaden their own knowledge of business vocabulary, disciplines and techniques.