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Programme Costs 2019

Work-Study participants pay a programme fee, which covers tuition, accommodation, visa support, medical services, migration fees, work-permission and airport transfer (plus the4 week Initial Training Programme (ITP) for programme A).

The table below shows prices for the standard programme, which is 12 academic hours of general Russian tuition per week in a group of 2-6 people. There are three accommodation options offered by Language Link– shared flat, homestay bed and breakfast (B & B), homestay half-board (HB) and you also have the option to opt out of Language Link accommodation. The prices for the various accommodation options are listed below.

Once you are accepted to the programme, you have the opportunity to tailor the programme to fit your needs, i.e. choose your preferred accommodation and preferred Russian course. The accommodation options are listed above; our Russian department offers individual and group tuition in general Russian, business Russian, intensive Russian, preparation for Russian exams, etc. You also can adjust the number of hours of Russian tuition you wish to receive each week. The programme fee will be modified accordingly.

The prices below are listed in US dollars; to calculate the price in a different currency at the current exchange rate, please go to www.xe.com.

Fees- 12 academic hours of Russian tuition per week

shared flat*
(B & B)*
w/out acc.
Programme - Work-Study A
(Participants WITHOUT TEFL qualifications or experience)
4week ITP + 14 weeks3900USD3875USD4725USD2250USD
4week ITP + 22 weeks5350USD5325USD6600USD3000USD
4week ITP + 34 weeks7550USD7525USD9325USD4100USD
Programme - Work-Study B
(Participants WITH TEFL qualifications or experience)
12 weeks3175USD3150USD3750USD2100USD
16 weeks3900USD3875USD4650USD2500USD
24 weeks5350USD5275USD6450USD3200USD
36 weeks7500USD7475USD9200USD4300USD

* accommodation prices in Volgograd may be slightly cheaper. Please check with the programme coordinator.

Payment of the Programme Fee

Language Link has created an interest-free payment schedule that allows you to pay for longer Work-Study programmes in instalments. 12- and 16-week programmes are paid for in one payment, while 24-week programmes are divided into a down payment and second payment, and 36-week programmes are divided into a down payment, second payment and third payment. Prices are paid in your home currency at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

Programme Wages

On the Work-Study programme you are paid at an hourly rate for all the teaching you do. Provided your teaching is satisfactory, your rate of pay will increase at regular intervals throughout your programme. The standard programme is based on 18 academic hours of teaching per week (12 of which are guaranteed, and the remaining 6 are allocated on the condition that student demand is sufficient and your teaching is of a good standard). There may also be the opportunity for overtime work, but allocation of such extra classes depends both on your wishes, and on your success in the classroom. Teachers who demonstrate flair and enthusiasm in their work are given preference when teaching hours are allocated.

Wages are paid in cash roubles, around the 7th of each month (sometimes bi-monthly in the non-Moscow centres) for the previous month’s teaching work.

Programme: Work-StudyA and B

Pay periodCorresponding Calendar monthsPay rateMonthly wage on standard programme
(based on teaching 12 ac.hrs/week)
August StartJanuary Start
1, 2 and 3Classes taughtfrom September - November inclusiveClasses taughtfrom January - March inclusive 550 rub/ac.hr 29,040 rub/month
4, 5 and 6Classes taughtfrom DecemberonwardsClasses taughtfrom Aprilonwards600 rub/ac.hr 31,680rub/month

Cancellation and Refund Policies

The following cancellation fees apply to all Work-Study Programmes:

Cancellation up to four weeks before agreed arrival date250 USD
Cancellation within four weeks of agreed arrival date400 USD

If you decide to terminate your Work-Study programme before the end of your contract, you must give a minimum of four weeks' notice. The refund of monies due will be calculated from the end of this four-week period. Only fees paid in advance for tuition and accommodation are eligible for refund.

Please note: All information shown is for 2019-2020 and is effective for all programmes starting in or after August 2019.

To receive an Information Pack with extensive information about the programme and different programme options, please contact us (indicate Work-Study in the subject title).

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