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At Language Link we do our best to provide high standard programmes ensuring that our Work-Study participants make good progress with their Russian and gain useful skills through teaching English as a Foreign Language. However, rather than just take our word for it here is what some of our more recent Work-Studies had to say about the Programme:

Anna Frigo (from USA)Work-Study A in St Petersburg

The administrative staff in the Russian Department were the general administrative staff. They were all very helpful and professional, so it was never a problem to speak with them. Our office had multiple workshops and tutorials for teachers to attend, and staff were always willing to help with any issues that arose. Vika (our DOS) is very organized and takes her job seriously, so it was never difficult to ask her questions or advice. Staff are very friendly and understanding in the St. Petersburg office. Im glad I had the chance to work with each of them and it was inspiring to see how motivated they are towards their work. In general, the Work-Study staff (in St. Petersburg and Moscow) are ready and willing to help with any issues or concerns. Im so glad I chose to work at Language Link Russia the training program was wonderful and since I arrived I have been surrounded by supportive and friendly staff.

Barbara Heuchling (from USA) Work-Study A in Moscow

I really enjoyed the conversation-focussed course, especially with the material relating to current events. The quality of the teachers, and the fellow stduents, was superb not to mention the obvious fact that we were living in Moscow forcing immersion / use of the language. I am very thankful for the staff in the Russian department. They were not only attentive and available, but they were so friendly. They were supportive and encourging. I can't speak highly enough of the English Language Teaching staff, nor of the preparation they provided when initially starting as an EFL teacher. And the support after was just as constant. My experience at Language Link lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The Russian classes were excellent, and I found I loved the teaching aspect as well. They were nice complements to each other.

Esme Farrington (from England) Work-Study A in Moscow

What a fantastic and rewarding experience! I'm in love with Moscow, can't wait to come back and that is largely down to the friends I have met (both English speaking and Russian) and the experiences I have had. Living in a home-stay made it all so much better and I would recommend the Work-Study programme to anyone who wanted to see different sides of live in Russia. It is a challenge but I got so much out of it.

Jordana Farlow (from Australia) Work-Study A in Moscow

From my first enquiry about Language Link (about a year ago) to my departure plans, the administration for Work-Study has been extremely helpful, understanding and flexible. You have made my stay in Moscow hassle- and stress-free. Learning another language is very new to me and although I have found it very challenging I feel motivated to continue my studies. Nina is a wonderful Russian teacher and I always felt safe and comfortable in her classroom. I always felt like I was supported and encouraged by the EFL Department, and the Senior Teacher Trainer, Jennifer Wendt, was always ready and willing to help me with any grammar questions (many!) and ideas for my classes. Work-Study at Language Link was great a completely new experience that turned out to be wonderful and probably life changing. Thank you!

Tulip Chicoine-Piper (from the UK) - Work-Study A in Moscow

Having the chance to learn Russian with native speakers was a rare and wonderful opportunity for me, especially as I was also surrounded by the culture every day. There has never been a more rewarding experience than immediately being able to put into practice everything I learned in class for the day (even if I did not always have the time to dedicate myself entirely to it due to long English teaching hours). The teaching style of both my Russian teachers was excellent. A combination of hard work and fun made for a great learning atmosphere. Elena obviously cares about the progress of each individual student and Alexei always wants the best from you (which is also my personal philosophy). In terms of my EFL teaching, support was always available from the Training Department and very useful, including the training seminars. The admin staff in the Russian Department were also helpful, friendly and sympathetic - just fantastic people. Thanks!

Fiona Cooke (from the UK) - Work-Study A in Moscow

I really enjoyed both aspects of this programme. Training from the ELT Department was great, and everyone was always willing to offer help, ideas and general advice at any time. In the Russian Department, Lena was fantastic, lessons were fun and with a great atmosphere, lots of talking and an emphasis on accuracy through fluency rather than lots of grammar. Points have to go to Marina for being one of the few people able to make me understand Russian grammar! Thank you to them both. The administrative staff in the Russian Department were also always friendly and helpful. This is a well-run programme - tough, but also fantastic and fun!

Sarah Hardin (from the USA) - Work-Study A in St Petersburg

I have enjoyed the people I have met at LL, and I have enjoyed the programme and truly learned a lot from it. Thank you for the opportunity to build and exercise some teaching skills and learn from a truly professional Russian teacher. Best of everything to all the LL staff!

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