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*Russian citizens, who wish to apply, should answer all questions, that are applicable, and put N/A where the answer is not applicable, for example, "Have you ever visited Russia?"

I am applying for a position as a TEL Teacher (language) based on my teaching qualification and/or experience

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Describe the academic support you have received from Senior Teachers, Directors of Studies or other academic supervisors. Academic support includes observations, workshops, tutorials and teaching seminars.*
Have you ever taught General English?*
Which General English levels have you taught?
Please list the names of any coursebooks that you have used to teach General English
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Academic support
in which of the following areas would you be most interested in receiving additional academic support?

Language Link is committed to providing its teachers with the best possible programme of academic support. If selected for employment with Language Link, in which of the following areas would you be most interested in receiving additional academic support.

Please note: this question has been designed to assist Language Link to address the academic support needs of its teachers and has no bearing on our teacher selection process.

E. Other Professional Experience (Optional)

Please list your last two employers outside of EFL and dates of employment (if applicable).

Have you ever held either full-time or part-time employment?* If yes, please complete this section listing your last employer first. If 'no', please go directly to Section F
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F. Personal Profile

Describe yourself using three adjectives and explain why you chose them.*
Describe a situation where you were in charge of a team of people.*
Describe a situation where you received negative feedback about your job performance and how you dealt with it.*
Describe what you consider to be the key responsibilities of a Director of Studies and how you are suited to this position.*
Describe your interests and hobbies and whether you expect to be able to engage in these activities if offered employment in Russia.*
State how you believe a term of employment in Russia will help with your future plans.*
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Have you ever visited Russia?*
If yes, please provide us with dates, purpose of visit(s) and place visited.
If accepted for employment, what do you anticipate will be the most challenging aspect of living and working in Russia for you personally?*

G. Where You Heard About Us

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H. Declaration

I declare that I have not knowingly made any false statements in this application form. I understand that the giving of false information may result in my expulsion from the Language Link programme.*