Increase your Chances of Acceptance

Language Link has been running its Teacher Internship Certification Programme for over fifteen years. During that time, of the thousands that have applied to this program, only a few hundred have been selected. Looking at these numbers, it would appear that the odds of being selected are not very good. Interestingly, this simply is not the case. So, does the math lie? The obvious answer to this question is “No.” However, the math does not really tell the whole story. What the math really tells you is that of the thousands who applied, only a few hundred were truly motivated, not only to do but to give their best in order to take advantage of this opportunity. And perhaps that’s what the math really tell us. To most applicants, the Language Link Teacher Internship Certification Programme was not viewed as a key capable of opening future doors for the applicant, but rather a convenient solution to a present problem. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that finding either an expedient or expeditious solution to a problem is wrong for you, I am however saying that it’s wrong for Language Link. So who would make a good teacher intern?

Language Link is in search of individuals who while being self-aware, mature, and responsible are also enthusiastic, fun-loving and passionate about helping people to learn and grow.

Of no less importance, is our need to find individuals who, while fitting the profile noted above, are not time-challenged and only able to think about today. Our programme was designed for individuals who are able to visualize the future and know where they want to be in a year or two from now. In this regard, Language Link has absolutely no problem being viewed as a stepping stone to one’s future endeavors. Those who enter our program should know what they want to get out of the experience, how it will help them to achieve their life goals and then be prepared to commit nine months to this endeavour.

It cannot be stressed enough that a nine month teaching commitment is an absolutely essential ingredient of Language Link’s Teacher Internship Certification Programme.

Therefore, if you have taken the time to read through the Programme Pros and Cons and you fit the desired teacher intern profile specified above, then Language Link would consider it an honor to have you apply for the Teacher Intern Certification Programme. Before doing so, however, take a moment to read through the application advice listed below.

Application Advice

As mentioned, Language Link receives hundreds of applications for the Teacher Intern Certification Programme, yet a relatively small percentage of applicants succeed beyond the interview stage.  It is sad that we lose so many potential teachers for reasons that could be easily avoided.  Therefore, we have prepared a list of what aspects we look at to help us determine whether or not to proceed with the recruitment process.  They are pretty standard, and are considered by any serious and professional company.

  • Promptness,
  • Good spoken and written communication skills,
  • Enthusiasm,
  • Commitment,
  • A professional approach.

By this we mean how quickly you respond to our correspondence.  Obviously we don't expect an instant reply, as this would show that you haven't really taken the time to read the information sent or consider your response.  We do, however, expect that you reply within 48 hours or given timeframe if stated otherwise.  We understand that some applicants travel a lot or are busy with their final year of study, but we would appreciate you taking a moment to drop us a line and let us know about this and when you will be able to get back to us.

Good Spoken and Written Communication skills

You may wonder why we reiterate this, since teaching a foreign language clearly requires this.  Unfortunately, it is surprising how many applicants don't write an email in the correct written format or have spelling or grammatical errors in their application form, emails or Pre-Interview Task.  Take the time to check through what you've written before sending it, as errors don't impress any employer.  Some candidates often don't read all the questions and this is evident in their answer.  Some candidates just don't follow simple instructions, which also doesn't look favourably on them. One of these simple instructions that is very often over-looked is written at the bottom of the Pre-Interview Task.  Candidates often complete the task but don't send everything that's required.

Enthusiasm and Commitment

These are always evident in your writing and during the interview. It's not something that anyone can change, as you're either committed and enthusiastic about teaching or you're not. If you're not, it will be evident. If teaching English is not something you can honestly say that you're keen to make a good go at, perhaps it would be better to consider another career choice. Students can see if you're interested in teaching or not, and if they can see that you're not, they're less likely to want to study. For more information see 'The Pros and Cons of the Teacher Intern Certification Programme' concerning who should and who should not apply for this Programme.

A Professional Approach

You'd be surprised at the number of applicants who come to the Skype interview dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  There are also a surprising number of people who arrange a phone interview and then part way through it's evident that they're in a car, or going through a drive-thru restaurant, or sitting in a noisy environment.  That's not what you'd do in a face-to-face interview, so why should interviewing from a distance be any different?  When sending the photo with the Pre-Interview Task, many applicants send in a picture from when they're out drinking one night or sunbathing on the beach or posing in very revealing clothes.  Any reputable company would prefer a recent passport-style picture or a regular picture of the candidate looking straight at the camera wearing smart clothes.  It is often also evident during the interview or sometimes during email correspondence that the candidate has not read the information on the website, contract or information sent to them by the company.

Having read this section, we hope that you will be able to prevent your application being rejected or put lower on the priority list by avoiding the simple errors made by others.  Taking the above points into consideration doesn't guarantee success as there are a lot of applicants and not as many vacancies, but it does guarantee a better chance.  We wish you all the best with your application, and hope that these tips will help you to increase your chances of success!