FastTrack to EFL Teacher

It goes without saying that many applicants who have chosen to obtain their TEFL qualification online or from a school offering less than 100-120 hours of classroom-based instruction plus assessed teaching practice are disappointed to hear that their qualifications are not considered to be equivalent for application as a ‘qualified’ EFL Teacher. That these people paid for their qualification makes their disappointment even more understandable. Regardless, the fact remains that whether the less-than-equivalent certificate was obtained as a result of trying to follow a line of least resistance strategy or because the individual truly believed that the certificate would fully prepare him or her for the rigors of an EFL classroom, good language companies cannot place less than fully qualified EFL teachers in classrooms of paying students. From this point of view, though teachers are responsible FOR their students, the company is responsible TO their clients. Students want to learn English; clients demand satisfaction and value. In the end, a dissatisfied student votes with his or her feet and leave the classroom; a dissatisfied client takes back their student fees. In the end, teaching, and specifically enriching the lives of our students from lesson to lesson, is only half of the equation. The other half involves being able to stay in business from year to year.

Though Language Link cannot change either the teacher’s qualification or its commitment to the student / client, the company is willing to consider less than fully qualified teachers for our FastTrack to EFL Teacher Programme. Though not everyone qualifies, those that do are given the opportunity to enter Language Link as teacher interns through the Teacher Intern Certification Programme. As such, the FastTrackee will attend the same one month initial training programme (ITP) undertaken by Teacher Interns.* On completing the ITP and depending on the qualification that the FastTrackee entered Language Link, s/he will be promoted to qualified EFL Teacher status either immediately or within three months.

Though not stated above, there are also certain teachers who

  1. do not hold a TEFL qualification and
  2. whose EFL teaching experience is extremely limited or lacking in variety of students ages and levels taught. These teachers too may be eligible for the FastTracking to EFL Teacher Programme.

*The ITP is free to those who, following the ITP, complete a nine month teaching contract with Language Link. Accommodation during the training month is not free.