Level 4 - Intermediate


Name of the game

Level 4+

Silly Stories

Begin the story with the first half of a sentence . Then ask the class (in turns or in pairs) to think of a continuation, e.g.

T: I saw a horse sitting....

ST: In the kitchen.

T: It was eating ...

ST: A piece of cake

T: So I said....

ST: etc....

Level 4+


The class is divided into groups. Each group receives the same task. Possible tasks are:

(a) How many possible uses can you find for a paper clip/plastic bag/ wooden coat hanger/ teacup/ pencil/ sheets of typing paper matchbox...?
(b) You have to make an important phone call but you have no change. How many ways can you find of getting the money for the call?
(c) How many ways can you find of opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew?
(d) How many ways can you find of having a cheap holiday?

They have a few minutes only, in which the group secretary writes down all the ideas given without discrimination. Each group reads out their ideas and you note them down on the board. The class then chooses the 5 best (according to either practically or originality) and ranks them.

Level 4+

Pink Vs Brown

STs get together in groups of people whose favourite colour is the same. They describe to each other why they like this colour better than any other colour. Then the STs leave their groups and pair up with someone from a different group. Each partner argues for his favourite colour and tries to convince the other one of its qualities.

Level 4+

Secret Topic

Two STs secretly agree on a topic they want to talk about. They can start talking about the topic, but without mentioning it directly. The other STs listen, and when they think they know what the topic is, they write it down on a paper and show it to the STs talking. If they're correct they join in the conversation. The game is stopped when about 4 people have joined in and another pair takes over.

Level 4+

Definitions About

One or two of the STs leave the room. The other STs choose a word they don't know from the dictionary. If you haven't a dictionary you can give them a word. One ST memorizes the correct definition of what the word means and the others invent a definition and memorize that. The ST or STs come(s) back in, listens to all the definitions, and chooses the one s/he thinks is correct.

VARIATION: STs work in groups of 3, choosing a word from the dictionary and memorizing 3 definitions including the real one. They then say them to the other groups, who choose the one they think is correct.

Level 4+

PMI About

The STs have to think of the plus points (P), the minus points (M) and interesting points (I) of an idea. Ideas you could give them: Each ST works alone for a few minutes then shares his ideas with a partner. Then there is a class discussion.

e.g.:  A new law is passed that forbids smoking in all public places.
        Every family is only allowed to have meat once a week.
        People should wear badges to show what mood they are in.
        To save energy public buildings like post offices, stations, schools and offices are no longer heated.
        A scientist discovers a way to make gold cheaply.
        Boys are only allowed to wear green clothes, girls, blue clothes.
        Children over 5 are given the right to vote.
        Planes do not work anymore. They all crash after take-off.

Level 4+

Guess the Topic

A ST chooses or is given a topic to talk about, appropriate to the level of the class, e.g.. advertising, the third world, national stereotypes, television, radio, poetry, farms living in the city, crimes in Seville, The Alameda on a Sunday, motorbikes, classical music .... The rest of the class doesn't know what the topic is.

The aim is for the student to win points by managing to talk to about the chosen topic for 30 seconds without the class guessing what the topic is. The class can interrupt and guess at anytime, but a wrong guess means the presenter gets a point. If s/he finishes without being found out, s/he gets an extra five points. Another ST then starts talking about a new topic. You could award supplementary points for relevance, correctness, etc.

Level 4+

Job Prestige

Put this list of jobs on the board: Vet - taxi driver- secretary- school teacher- policeman- lawyer- journalist- model- university professor- actor - nurse - shop- assistant doctor - farmer - footballer.

The STs in pairs/groups have to rank them in order, according to 2 criteria. Firstly they arrange them in the order in which they are regarded and paid for in our society. Then they make a list showing how important they think each job should be. When each pair/group has reached a consensus they compare their lists with other groups.

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