Useful Links

The Internet is a powerful tool, witness Link Up. That said, there are numerous sites that can provide EFL teachers with both guidance and academic support. Some of the better sites have been include in the table below. If you have the opportunity, then it would be well worth your time to explore these sites and perhaps to search for others on your own. Should you find a site that merits its place on this page, please don't keep it to yourself.

Websites General Content & Materials Quizzes and tests Basic grammar tutorials BBC/British Council - Methodology General + board games Internet TESL Journal Quizzes + TOEFL Practice Cookbook of ideas, games and activities Help with Cambridge exams Market Leader (Business English) Free teacher resources Macmillan's General English site Macmillan Dictionary Downloadable flashcards, phonics, and games Lesson plans, worksheets, games and activities Lesson plans, activities and ideas Topical lessons on a wide range of topics with great warmer ideas A slightly more leftfield version of ‘breaking news’ with better quality materials (in terms of presentation) and materials for conversational classes Great materials for teenagers on a variety of contemporary topics with full lesson notes