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Electrostal(Russian )is a smallcosy town with a population of approximately 160,000 people. It is located 40km east of Moscow, though linked by a suburban electric train to Moscows Kurskiy Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour 20 minutes. Long distance buses connect Electrostal with Moscow, Noginsk, and other nearby cities. If you ask a person in the street how they know about the town, the majority will answer that Electrostal is known for its industry as there are four factories within its boundaries. The factories play a significant role in developing space and military fields of Russian industry. Situated outside Moscow's city limits, the town provides an opportunity for most citizens to work and and enjoy living here.


There is an opinionthat before 1916 no settlements could be found on the site of the town, and for the most part those were two metallurgic plants that marked the beginning of the region. They were the Electrostal plant and the Bogorodsk Equipment plant which have been making a substantial contribution to date. The first name to the town was given as Zatishye (Calm) due to the location in a silent area and in the backwoods. During the Second World War local enterprises produced ammunition and shells for popular Katyushas as well as 240 million mines and bombs. However, that does not mean that nowadays the town is living at the expense of industrial plants and factories.

Everyday Activities

Besidesbeing an industrial centre Electrostal has been developing sports and physical training activities for the last ten years. 46 kinds of sports are being cultivated at present. School children are allowed to practice some sports free of charge. For instance, being a professional indoor hockey player or a basketball player ensures the chance to be admitted to the Olympic reserve school as these types of sports are sponsored by Moscow regional authorities and widely popularized in the town. Moreover, Electrostal has its own ice hockey team who play regularly all over Russia and are considered to be in the lead. Right in the centre of the town you can easily find a huge ice palace Krystal where all games take place and where you are welcome to go skiing even in summer. In the east of the town there is a large building of the swimming pool which represents the place for international competitions.

The major taskof the local authorities is to preserve the towns cultural heritage. In this respect a lot of exhibitions, conferences, and meetings are arranged annually to gather musicians, painters, actors, and just dedicated public. We have six cultural centres. They hold concerts, shows, theatre performances almost every month. If you have some spare time, three well-equipped modern cinemas are right on the doorstep.

Speaking aboutthe cultural side of the town life, it is worth mentioning the festival City Flowers. The tradition to decorate the central avenue with flowers and creative sculptures was initiated in June 2006. Up to now a great number of various establishments are happy to try their forces and to be offered a small piece of landscape to decorate.

Living in Electrostal

Undoubtedly,Electrostal citizens cannot call themselves Muscovites. However, in comparison with Moscow one can discover a number of weighty advantages in living and working here. Firstly, Electrostal is rather small but rich and prosperous. A lot of people are ready to spend time and money while promenading in great trade and entertainment centres, eating in cafes and restaurants, visiting cinemas and nightclubs, going to fitness centres and bowling clubs. In warm weather youll find it delightful to walk along the green city park, try amusements and merry-go-rounds, sit on the bench and listen to birds singing. If you are a keen sports amateur, it will not be difficult to find places for jogging or doing morning exercises in the open air the town is surrounded with forests and lakes. Incidentally, it is one of the greenest towns in the Moscow region. Secondly, in contrast to Moscow, Electrostal is in a more advantageous position in terms of flat renting. Prices fluctuate from 10,000 to 18,000 rubles: it depends on the living conditions and the district. Ultimately, if you are sick and tired of noisy places you will definitely enjoy the peace and quiet living and working in Electrostal. At the same time you will have the opportunity to visit Moscow frequently and enjoy its sights and beauty at every desired moment. You are sure to kill two birds with one stone.

Our School

Our schoolis situated on the ground floor of a recently constructed building in an absolutely new district where constructions are modern and have a convenient transport connection. At present, Language Link operates one school which is home to four colourful and spacious classrooms, whiteboards, and a teachers room.The atmosphere is friendly, the personnel are helpful, and the location is convenient. So you are welcome to work with us!

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