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Skhodnya (Russian ) was founded in 1874 and granted town status in 1961 and is located on the Skhodnya river 12km northwest of Moscow. In September 2004, the town merged into the city of Khimki. Khimki was officially founded in 1939. It was established around a railroad station with the same name which had existed since 1850 on the Moscow-St. Petersburg railway. Khimki was the site of the closest German advance to Moscow in November-December 1941. A memorial marking this in a form of a giant tank trap is located just short of an intersection with the railroad and close to the Mega shopping centre, one of the largest shopping malls in Russia with many retail stores including IKEA.

After World War II, Khimki became home to several Soviet aerospace defence development centres, which became the main employers for the majority of the city population. This included R&D enterprises which designed surface-to-air missiles for various Soviet air defence systems, engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellite launch vehicles, and other types of equipment. For this reason, Khimki was off limits for all foreigners visiting the country, despite its location on a highway between Moscow and its major international airport.

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